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Serving on Graduate Student Council—A Personal Perspective

April 8th, 2014 by


The UCEA Graduate Student Council (GSC) is now accepting 2014-16 GSC representative applications. Our new representative, Kristina Brezicha, blogged about her experience in GSC. Today, as a representative who has served on the GSC for almost two years, I’m sharing my rewarding experience with graduate students and prospective GSC representatives. Overall, my service on the GSC, in turn, offered me an incredible platform to sharpen my leadership skills, expand my professional network, and grow intellectually.

First, our current eight GSC representatives work collaboratively. Each of us comes from different educational leadership and administration programs across the country (click here to know our current representatives), bringing our commitment and expertise to the table. There are always a lot of exciting things going on, including: planning for 2014 UCEA Graduate Student Summit (GSS, hashtag #UCEAGSS2014), writing group, graduate student development, and UCEA Review graduate student section. While these exciting initiatives are going very well, we are ready to embrace diverse, new ideas. So new representatives are welcome, or more precisely, are expected to bring and implement new ideas to serve graduate students in UCEA community.

Second, the graduate students I work with are my future colleagues. All the ups and downs we experienced together, the encouragement we sent to each other in emails, the heartwarming words we spoke at UCEA convention, and all hands on deck and having each other’s back at GSS when unexpected logistic challenges arose. All those moments we shared together transformed to such a strong bond which will accompany us our in our scholarly life.

Third, I would not be able to engage with so many doctoral students across the country if I didn’t join UCEA GSC. In addition to interacting with doctoral students in the same cohort or program, GSC provided me with a dynamic platform on which I was able to engage with those who are beyond institutional boundaries, to learn from them, and simply to be inspired.

So my fellow graduate students, come and join us! It will turn out to be a memorable chapter in your graduate student life. As I’m going through a transition from a graduate student to a faculty member, I’d also like to express my gratitude to my GSC colleagues for being supportive along the way. Thanks!