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Code of Ethics

UCEA Code of Ethics for the Preparation of Educational Leaders

Adopted by the UCEA Plenum May 29, 2011

As educators and scholars within the field of educational we strive individually and collegially to:

  • Foster the capacity to critique and challenge the status quo within the field of educational leadership.
  • Cultivate critique and challenge trends in policy and governance, such as national, state, organizational, professional and accreditation standards of practice and market-driven forces.
  • Enable access to quality education, taking into account not just academic attainment but also the development of the whole student.
  • Value and respect the intrinsic worth of individuals both personally and within multiple communities
  • Value and respect diversity of person, practice and thought.
  • Practice, with integrity, teaching, research, service and advising.
  • Embrace responsibility for improving the profession
  • Engage in critical reflection for professional growth.
  • Develop and improve scholarly competence.
  • Model the ethical behaviors we advocate above.

This code is meant to serve as a living document of what we aspire to achieve as professors of Educational Leadership.  The hope is that this code will not be static, but that there will be dialogue and discussion related to it frequently, and that there will be revisions as necessary through the UCEA standing ethics committee and UCEA plenum.

UCEA thanks the members of the UCEA Ethics Committee for their expertise and commitment to developing and vetting this code of ethics with the UCEA community. 

Members include:

Paul Begley (Center Director Emeritus, UCEA Center for the Study of Leadership and Ethics)
Patricia Ehrensal (The George Washington University)
Stephen Gross (Temple University)
Marla Israel (Loyola University Chicago), Co-Chair
Jane Clark Lindle (Clemson University)
Rosia Lopez (Northern Illinois University)
Joseph Murphy (Vanderbuilt University)
Kathy Sernak (Rowan University)
Joan Shapiro (Temple University), Co-Chair
Jackie Stefkovich (Penn State University)
Val Storey (Lynn University)
Phillip Woods (Hertfordshire University)