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UCEA Webinar Sponsored in Partnership with the Wallace Foundation: How States Can Help Promote Effective Principals

December 8th, 2015 by


Research has demonstrated that school leadership is second only to teaching among school-related factors influencing student success. Despite its importance, however, the principalship often gets shortchanged on state policy agendas. To recruit, support and retain excellent principals, states need to work with local school districts to effectively use policy tools available to them.

UCEA is proud to host a webinar, jointly sponsored with the Wallace Foundation, on Dec 8th at 3 PM to address this important topic.  Questions this webinar will address include:

  • How can we boost the status of principals on the state policy agenda?
  • How might states review some of the demands placed on principals and promote effective principals by streamlining those demands that are unnecessary or redundant?
  • How do states support principal preparation through program evaluation and program improvement?
  • How do state standards play a critical role in ensuring the quality of the principalship?

According to a new report by the Wallace Foundation entitled, Developing Excellent School Principals to Advance Teaching and Learning: Considerations for State Policy:

“How to begin this work of cultivating and supporting excellent principals, or how to continue moving it along for states that have begun to make their principals a higher priority? There is not a cookbook recipe for policy development or implementation that will work equally well in all states. State and local adaptations will be necessary. Still, there are some useful places for states to start, regardless of current conditions.“

This webinar, jointly sponsored by UCEA and the Wallace Foundation, will attempt to suggest ways states can work with local school and districts to promote and support principals. Dr. Paul Manna, a recognized scholar of education and author of the new Wallace Foundation Report, Developing Excellent School Principals to Advance Teaching and Learning: Considerations for State Policy, joins the conversation to discuss policy levers available to states to promote effective principals. Kelly Latterman, a Policy Associate with the National Council of State Legislatures offers her insight on best practices among states to promote the principal pipeline.

To register: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/7427180525823343361

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