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Preparing Leaders to Support Diverse Learners: Curriculum Modules for Leadership Preparation

January 20th, 2016 by


UCEA is pleased to announce the launch of powerful new curriculum modules designed to help prepare educational leaders to support diverse learners!  Take advantage of these free new resources!

With support from a U.S. Department of Education FIPSE grant, UCEA worked with faculty teams from several institutions to develop curriculum modules focused on preparing leaders to support diverse learners. These modules are designed to enhance the core curriculum used in UCEA school leadership programs. The instructional modules are designed to offer critical content knowledge and learning experiences that strengthen leaders’ ability to support students’ academic achievement at low-performing schools.

This module is designed to develop aspiring leaders’ capacity to advocate for or act on behalf of children, families and care givers, particularly those who are most marginalized in public schools and their communities. This module gives special attention to how to advocate or act on behalf of and with historically marginalized populations, particularly based on a race, national origin and socio-economic status.

The overall purpose of this module is to help aspiring and practicing school leaders build capacity to organize learning and learning environments in service of students of color and/or students situated in poverty. The professional learning experiences in this module are designed to engage aspiring and practicing educational leaders in inquiry examining the structures and processes by which learning is organized within a school.

Leadership preparation programs and faculty are responsible for developing educational leaders who promote the success of English Language Learners. This module will help those preparing school leaders to develop a knowledge base regarding ELL needs and the skills to organize and redistribute school resources and reconfigure school structures to meet those needs.

This module seeks to engage diverse stakeholders in the ongoing process of student learning. This engagement is facilitated by educational leaders who have knowledge of community issues, dynamics, and trends and understand the nuances of cultural difference.

Discussions of race can be rare in most preparation experiences for educational leaders.   This module offers guidance to facilitate the process of discussing race and highlights lessons learned from faculty who have led discussions about race with educational leaders. 

This module examines the ways that data are used to make decisions and distribute resources and the ways that race/ethnicity, gender, and SES influence who gets what, when.  It also demonstrates ways to examine differences in achievement and responses to behavior by race/ethnicity, gender, and SES.

This module will help school leaders design and implement school-based professional learning experiences for staff that focus particularly on enhancing teacher capabilities to teach diverse students. While the focus is on racially, ethnically, culturally and linguistically diverse students, the lessons provided by this module are generally applicable to the teaching of all students.


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