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State Evaluation of Principal Preparation Programs Toolkit (SEP3 Toolkit)

February 25th, 2016 by


UCEA and New Leaders is pleased to announce the new State Evaluation of Principal Preparation Programs Tool Kit —or SEP3 ToolkitThe SEP3 Toolkit provides essential guidance on implementing a more in-depth and rigorous principal preparation evaluation process. The goal is to enable states to accurately assess quality, promote improvement, and intervene in the case of performance that raises concerns.

Strong school leadership – at the assistant principal, principal and principal manager levels – is critical for improving school performance. If principals are to be successful, they need to be well prepared.  A growing number of education leaders and policymakers are working to improve the quality of educational administration programs in their state.  The report and tools found on the sepkit.org website were designed to inform these efforts.

The State Evaluation of Principal Preparation Programs Tool Kit (SEP3 Kit) begins with a set of design principals related to purpose, professional standards, data collection and use, and the process of review to which all effective program evaluation systems should adhere. It then introduces a Model Two-Stage Process for Program Evaluation. Additionally, the SEP3-Kit provides:

State Readiness Diagnostic Rubric (Tool A) . This tool enables states to assess their readiness to design and implement a program evaluation system that reflects the recommendations in the guide.

Annual Report Indicators, Reporting, and Interpretation of Results (Tool B). This tool provides states with specifications for an annual report that would give programs, candidates, and districts basic data on inputs, processes, outputs and program graduate outcomes.

 Handbook for the In-depth Review Process (Tool C). This tool describes a detailed process for undertaking comprehensive reviews of individual programs.

 Handbook for the Targeted Review Process (Tool D). This tool describes a detailed process for undertaking targeted reviews of individual programs.

Finally, the report reviews contextual factors that states should consider when adapting the recommendations to local conditions, and how to use the tools above to help states carry out the work.

These resources will allow states to undertake an informed and sophisticated approach to the complex work of improving principal preparation. For more information and to access the SEP3 Toolkit, please visit sepkit.org.

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