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UCEA Statement on the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile

July 8th, 2016 by





UCEA is deeply troubled and saddened by the continued institutionalized violence against Black communities across the country. The deaths of #AltonSterling and #PhilandoCastile highlight the fractured relationship between communities of color and social institutions. It is a serious problem for all when death and violence disproportionately impact particular communities in this country.

We are equally distressed by the police deaths in Dallas by a lone gunman. Violence in the face of violence is horrifying and diminishes us all.

It is incumbent that leadership – at all levels – find a way forward. Leadership should fight for and with communities to break down systems of oppression and create new systems built on justice and equity.

As a consortium of scholars and researchers, we too must continue to challenge ourselves to recognize and confront practices that sanction systems of racism and fear within our classrooms, institutions, local schools and districts, and nationally. Once again, we urge our members to question, listen, learn, and continue to prepare school leaders who create schools and communities that are safe for Black children.  We are committed to looking for ways in which UCEA can explicate and dismantle the structures that inflict violence on all our communities. We also stand in solidarity with our colleagues affected by these recent tragedies and who may feel angered or fatigued in the face of collective inaction. And we will continue to affirm our organizational values and strive for justice throughout the nation.

UCEA is a community of learners that values:
A     Learning and social development for ALL children
B     Contributions of educational leaders to the success of all children
C      Systematic inquiry that is relevant, integral, and essential to the success of children, schools, & leaders
D     Quality and excellence in the preparation of school leaders and professors
E      Collaboration with schools, other educational and service agencies, and professional organizations
F      Professional community, collegiality and respect for diverse perspectives
G     Educational and social policy that positively support the learning and development of all children
H     Diversity, equity, and social justice in all educational organizations

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