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August 30th, 2016 by


UCEA Recognizes the Most Outstanding Contributions from 2015 to the Literature Base in Educational Leadership

High-quality research in educational leadership is needed now more than ever. These outstanding articles not only represent the excellence for which our field strives, they also make an important contribution to our collective knowledge foundation.”  ~ Michelle Young, UCEA Executive Director

UCEA recognizes the recipients of the 2016 William J. Davis Award, Paula Silver Case Award and the Journal of Research on Leadership Education Best Article Award. These awards are given annually to the most outstanding articles and case to appear in the Educational Administration Quarterly (EAQ), Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership (JCEL) and the Journal of Research on Leadership Education (JRLE).

The William J Davis Award recognizes “Leading for Urban School Reform and Community Development” which appeared in the December 2015 issue of Educational Administration Quarterly and was authored by Dr. Terrance L Green at the University of Texas at Austin. The article seeks to understand how principal and community leader actions support urban school reform and community development in community schools.



The Paula Silver Award recognizes “When Police Intervene: Race, Gender, and Discipline of Black Male Students at an Urban High School” which appeared in the June 2015 issue of the Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership and is authored by Dr. Dorothy Hines-Datiri at the University of Kansas. This teaching case considers the punitive consequences two Black male students encountered at an urban high school by examining how an administrator, teachers, and two police officers observed, interpreted, and instituted a discipline protocol on the front lines.



The Journal of Research on Leadership Education Best Article Award recognizes “Improving Instructional Leadership Through the Development of Leadership Content Knowledge: The Case of Principal Learning in Algebra” which appeared in the February 2015 Journal of Research on Leadership Education and was authored by Drs. Michael Steele (University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee), Kate Johnson (Brigham Young University), Samuel Otten (University of Missouri), Beth Herbel-Eisenmann (Michigan State University), and Cynthia Carver (Oakland University). The article presents a compelling, richly detailed study describing the impact of a professional development intervention that sought to develop principals’ leadership content knowledge in algebra.



UCEA Award recipients are selected through a rigorous and competitive process that includes review and evaluation by a selection committee of peers appointed by the Executive Director. Please join us in recognizing these outstanding research articles and authors, and appreciating their value for the field of educational leadership.

 Please find the official press release here.

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