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UCEA Policy Associates

September 13th, 2016 by


As part of its larger work in the policy arena, UCEA is inviting graduate students to apply to become a UCEA Policy Associate. Students will join a team of senior scholars from across UCEA institutions that are already engaged in UCEA policy efforts. In joining the UCEA policy team, the students will have the opportunity to collaborate with experienced senior scholars to (1) track current policy efforts across the US, (2) co-author policy briefs, and (3) co-author rapid responses to recent policy reports or policy proposals. Students may also be afforded the opportunity to present at policy sessions at the annual UCEA conference and co-author journal articles with members of the UCEA policy team.

Application to become a Policy Associate is a competitive process that requires students to complete a brief survey and also provide the name and email contact for the student’s advisor/faculty mentor so that the faculty member can also complete a short survey. This process is competitive because (1) there are limits to the number of students with whom our senior faculty can collaborate and (2) we have space limitations at the annual conference.

Applicants should be current doctoral students that will be attending this year’s UCEA convention in Detroit and can make an approximately a one year commitment to the project from October 1, 2016 through September 30th, 2017. Policy Associates will be required to attend one special session for Policy Associates at the UCEA Annual Conference on Thursday, November 17th and will be strongly encouraged to attend several other policy-related sessions. In addition, Policy Associates will be required to attend a virtual meeting prior to the UCEA Annual Conference and engage in some background research prior to the UCEA Annual Conference.

Importantly, we are looking to enhance the pre-existing skills and abilities of students rather than work with students new to the policy arena. Please keep this in mind when deciding to apply or in making recommendations about particular students.

In order of importance, students will be selected based on the following criteria: (1) strength of faculty support; (2) demonstrated experience in policy and/or policy analysis efforts; (3) demonstrated quality of writing; (4) match between the student’s policy interests and the policy efforts of UCEA. Students do not have to be from a UCEA institution. Further, we will consider multiple applications from the same institution.

Please use the link below to apply to be a UCEA Policy Associate:

Student Application Link

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