January 1st, 2017 by


Welcome Exhibitors to the 2017 Convention held in Denver, Colorado at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel! We will be having the exhibition hall in the same foyer as registration – South Convention Foyer. A few details:

Where: South Convention Foyer

When: Thursday 11/16 at 12 PM (set-up begins at 10 AM) until Saturday 11/18 at 4 PM. Please note that the 15th is only pre-Convention activities – the Plenary session and the Graduate Student Summit – and therefore will be a reduced number of attendees.

Attendees: Between 900-1000

Cost: $250/table. Tables are dressed – there are no booths

How to get a table: click here to reserve your table.

How to register: Go here and select ‘exhibitor’ for a discounted Convention pass

Shipping: Visit our shipping and handling guidelines for package and shipping details

All exhibitors must register for the Convention. Your Convention registration is a separate cost from your exhibitor table fee. 

Please note that there will be basic internet available in all meeting spaces. UCEA and the hotel cannot guarantee the security of your items, and will not be held responsible for any items on the tables. 

We hope to see you soon!