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The 2017 UCEA Annual Convention Logo

Designed by Denver local Ben Sperber, a freshman at Denver School of the Arts

About the Artist:

Ben is a Visual Arts major, meaning that he specializes in the Fine Arts, including painting, drawing, sculpting, graphic design, photography, et cetera. Outside of his academic and artistic life, he is a competitive swimmer. Ben chose to create this logo as it is, with the arrows rising up out of UCEA to represent uplifting students and faculty in education. The sun in the corner has a graphic of the Colorado flag to represent the conventions location, and the color palette was supposed to match the Colorado flag as well. The background of mountains is a vector created from a photo Ben took in the mountains outside of Denver. The design was made in Photoshop using his image and other tools in the program. UCEA is pleased to introduce Ben Sperber and to present his incredible design.

To learn more about the Denver School of the Arts, visit their website.