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PSR General Information and Guidelines

Plenum Session Representatives (PSR)
Within UCEA the Plenum establishes goals and priorities, reviews and approves organizational policies, and examines and approves the budget. The Plenum is composed of one representative from each of the member institutions. These representatives are called Plenum Representatives or PSRs. Each Plenum Representative is either elected or appointed by faculty members and/or the Department Chair or Dean and serves for a term of 3-6 years renewable.
General Duties of PSRs are to:
  1. Attend the annual Plenum Session at each Convention
  2. Pay membership dues on behalf of your organization in a timely manner or let the staff know if you will have difficulty paying this year
  3. Maintain the contact information of their institutional page
  4. Designate yourself or someone else as PSR every summer
PSR Orientation
Orientation is required for every new PSR and recommended for returning PSRs. The Webinar meeting usually lasts about an hour and a half and links to the meeting will be provided to you in the PSR Newsletter. If you cannot attend the webinar, please contact headquarters at ucea@msu.edu.
Administrative Access
Access is granted to the Dean, Dept. Chair and PSR of each member institution. Administrative Access allows PSRs to:
  1. Download the dues invoice within the PSR’s personal homepage
  2. Add new members to institutional page
  3. Remove anyone who is no longer associated with the institution
  4. Update institutional contact information such as college and department addresses, email, phone numbers, twitter feeds etc.
PSRs can give permission for another staff or faculty member to have Admin Access by contacting UCEA headquarters with their request.
PSR Newsletter
UCEA Headquarters periodically sends a newsletter specifically for PSRs that lists pertinent action items that PSRs are responsible for and educational information. Pertinent action items may include:
  1. Reminder to pay dues
  2. Convention Updates
  3. Plenum meeting Agenda and discussion topics
  4. PSR Orientation meeting times
  5. PSR Designation
  6. Links to surveys
  7. Important information about upcoming UCEA initiatives and publications
General Roles of PSR
There are three general roles for UCEA Plenary Session Representatives (PSR):
  1. Legal mandated role
  2. Linkage role
  3. Leadership or catalyst role.
The Legal Role: The PSR assumes a legal decision making role stipulated by UCEA bylaws. They may make decisions on:
  1. Electing leaders to serve on the Executive Committee
  2. Making needed changes in the bylaws related to the governance and financing of UCEA
  3. Making decisions about the annual budgets of UCEA, and
  4. Determining those universities which can contribute to UCEA’s mission and which should become members of the organization.
The Linkage Role: The PSR has an important linking pin function acting as an accurate source of information between the UCEA staff, and the member institution. Specifically, the PSR fulfills their linkage role between the UCEA staff and:
  1. Department faculty
  2. Graduate students
  3. College and university administration
  4. Other educational agencies in the PSR’s area that have interests coincidental to those of UCEA such as state departments of public instruction, R & D Centers, Regional Laboratories, and local administrators’ organizations
Some linkage duties are:
  1. Reporting relevant professional information from PSR meetings to staff members and graduate students
  2. Seeing that graduate students are informed about UCEA, including the graduate student seminars it offers, and other opportunities offered by the organization
  3. Working with deans and department heads to obtain resources on learning opportunities
  4. Informing the UCEA central staff of changes within the member institution such as retirement, sabbaticals, new hires etc.
  5. Encouraging and assisting professors to participate in the UCEA annual convention
  6. Keeping professors informed of new UCEA research and development projects, the status of current projects and encouraging participation within UCEA projects
  7. Communicating significant issues in the field of educational administration to the Executive Committee and central staff members
  8. Seeking ties between non-university based educational programs and UCEA efforts
PSRs should assume, in addition to their mandated role, responsibility for linking UCEA activities to groups with which they have relevance.
The Leadership Role: the PSR relates leadership of UCEA to the design of preparation programs and the professional activities of faculties in the university. The ability to fulfill this role may be circumscribed by local constraints. Examples of leadership in this role are encouraging, assisting and/or working with:
  1. Colleagues to participate in the UCEA programs centers
  2. Professors to attend career development seminars and other learning activities
  3. Professors and university administrators to develop program change
  4. Professors to develop and submit manuscripts to Educational Administration Quarterly, the UCEA monograph series, and other UCEA publications for potential publication
  5. Professors to secure sabbatical arrangements and/or to accept special UCEA staffing patterns designed to advance and contribute to educational administration
  6. Departments to develop career seminars designed to produce content of significance to the field of educational administration
  7. Professors to participate in the UCEA annual convention.
  8. Interested professors to initiate special interest groups of significance to the field of educational administration
  9. Colleagues, students, and libraries to subscribe to UCEA sponsored journals
A full list of PSR duties may be found in the UCEA Policy Manual.
For General questions regarding PSR duties or action items, please contact UCEA headquarters at ucea@msu.edu.