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ABCs of the INSPIRE Graduate Survey

March 24th, 2017 by


ABCs of the INSPIRE-Graduate Survey: What you need to know from acquiring email panels to zoning in on program improvement (and everything in between!)



INSPIRE-Graduate (INSPIRE-G) Survey: The Basics

When is the INSPIRE-G survey administration?

INSPIRE-G survey administration opens Monday, April 3rd and runs until July. You can work with UCEA to administer to your graduates at any point during that window. However, many programs often have larger response rates when administering before classes end.

How can I use INSPIRE-G data?

The INSPIRE-G survey is intended to aid educational leadership preparation programs in program accountability (e.g. program reviews and accreditation) and program improvement efforts. Using INSPIRE, programs can unpack the elements of program delivery, curriculum, and learning experiences that contribute to the strong leadership development of students through mutual self–study of program features and program outcomes.
What topics are covered by the INSPIRE-G survey?

The survey includes three broad components: (1) program quality and experiences, (2) learning outcomes and preparation for leadership practices, and (3) beliefs about the principalship. Data collected also include candidate demographics and candidate professional background and aspirations. Click here for more detailed information.       

What would my final report look like?

View a sample report here.

How valid and reliable are the INSPIRE surveys?

An exploratory factor analysis was conducted to examine the underlying factor structures and to establish construct validity. The respondent data set utilized for this exploratory factor analysis included over 300 responses from graduates of ten national programs that completed the INSPIRE Graduate Edition. The resulting variable scales include items with strong factor loadings and strong internal consistency. Most scale reliabilities were strong , ranging from .85 to .96.    

Is the INSPIRE-G survey aligned to leadership standards?

Yes, the learning outcome variable scales on the Graduate survey are closely aligned with the national Professional Standards for Educational Leadership.

Can I add extra questions specific to my program?

Yes, each program is offered the opportunity to add up to five additional questions.

How far back should a program go to survey graduates?

The INSPIRE-G survey is designed to survey graduates who are no more than 3 years removed from graduation. The farther removed from graduation, the more difficult it is to acquire valid emails and generate a high response rate. Often programs survey their aspiring cohort on a yearly basis.

If you are interested in surveying alumni in the field who are more than 3 years removed from your program, we recommend considering the INSPIRE-Leaders in Practice survey designed for graduates currently serving as principals or school leaders.      

How much does it cost?

INSPIRE-G administration is free for UCEA members as a benefit to membership. Take advantage!

I want INSPIRE program evaluation data for my program! What are my next steps?

1) Notify UCEA.

Please email UCEA if your program is interested.  We will add your program to the administration list and provide targeted assistance.

2) Develop your panel of graduate contact information.

Panels of graduate email addresses should be submitted to UCEA in Excel format. The panels should contain the following information at a minimum: graduate first name, graduate last name, verified email address and cohort. Using personal email addresses for graduates has been helpful in boosting response rates. If you would like to disaggregate your graduate data using different criteria (internship, district, campus, etc), please also include that information in your panel.

3) Develop extra questions your program may want to add. (optional)

4) Email the contact panel and extra questions to UCEA.

Please submit graduate panels and extra questions to Marcy Reedy at mar5q@virginia.edu.

I still have questions!  Where do I go for additional resources?

Contact UCEA! Please email with any questions you may have.

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