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My Jackson Experience

May 26th, 2017 by


Need motivation to get involved with the Jackson Scholar Network? Then hear from the scholars themselves about what the Jackson Scholar Network means to them.


Dr. Kortney Hernandez from Loyola Marymount University describes her Jackson Scholar experience:

“As the first student from LMU selected to participate in the Jackson Scholars Network, I found a place that valued students of color and pushed institutions to recognize that graduate students from historically underrepresented groups are both capable and deserving of being at the table. It was also the first place where I publicly presented my dissertation research. The Jackson Network represents for me a call for institutions and communities to challenge the silencing of scholars of color and simultaneously provide a space where the voices, contributions, and lived experiences of emerging scholars of color are valued. As Jackson Scholars, we are given opportunities to work with and learn from faculty mentors who are loving, welcoming, critical, and passionate, because they understand intimately and firsthand the struggles we face within institutions that are deeply mired in histories of inequality. It is for this reason that I will always cherish and honor the sense of community I experienced and the support provided to us by the Jackson Scholars Network – especially the chanting circles, where we linked arms and deeply affirmed – “I am because we are.” ~ Dr. Kortney Hernandez, LMU

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