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CSLEE 22nd Annual Values and Leadership Conference

September 11th, 2017 by


The Consortium for the Study of Leadership and Ethics in Education (CSLEE), a long-standing UCEA program center, in partnership with Innovative School Leadership Institute (ISLI) will host the 22nd annual Values and Leadership Conference, which promotes research and reflection on issues in values, morals, ethics, and leadership in education.

The 22nd Annual Values and Leadership Conference will be held October 5-7  in Los Angeles, CA.  The theme of this international conference is Standing Up, Speaking Out: The Place of Values,Ethics, and Leadership.

Additional information and registration can be located here.

CSLEE and UCEA are also please to congratulate the 3 distinguished annual award winners for 2017.  Awards will be presented at the 22nd annual Values and Leadership Conference.


2017 Willower Award of Excellence (Research) awarded to Dr. Pamela Bishop of Western University (Canada)

Pam is an acknowledged scholar and expert in the area of Values and Leadership, especially for her research and advocacy for social justice and leadership of secondary schools in disadvantaged communities. She is a board member of CSEE, and has presented at the past five annual Values and Leadership conferences.

2017 Authentic Leadership Award awarded to Dr. Heather Rintoul of Nipissing University (Canada)

Heather receives this award as a most worthy acknowledgement of her outstanding leadership in the area of Values and Leadership, and specifically for her long service in furthering the goals and profile of the CSLEE. She is Executive Director of the CSLEE, and is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Authentic Leadership in Education (JALE).

2017 Paul T. Begley Award awarded to Dr. Tiffany A. Roberts of Nipissing University (Canada)

Dissertation Title: The School Experiences of Children with Life-Threatening Food-Induced Allergies and Anaphylaxis as Perceived by Children, Parents, Teachers, and a School Administrator

2017 Paul T. Begley Runner-Up/High Commendation to Dr. Candace M. Miller of Western University (Canada)

Dissertation Title: Diversity Matters: A Case Study of the Cultural Components of Three Ontario College Leadership Development Programs

Drs. Bishop, Rintoul, and Roberts will receive their awards at the 22nd annual Values and Leadership conference in Los Angeles on October 5, 2017, co-organized by the CSLEE and


For more information on these distinguished awards, including how individuals may be nominated for these awards in future years, please see this link. Inquiries may be sent to cslee16@uwo.ca.

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