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Cuba Delegation Testimonials

September 29th, 2017 by


Fielding a delegation to Cuba to foster cultural exchange and discussion about the country’s education system was invaluable for many of UCEA’s partner organizations.  Please see the following testimonials below from the American Association of School Administrators (AASA) and the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP):

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“Meeting colleagues from around the country that were as genuinely interested in going to Cuba for more than a “trip” was the greatest value of participating in this delegation.”

“The greatest benefit of participating in this delegation was an gaining knowledge and awareness of Cuba’s education system and some of the challenges the country faces regarding education in the 21st Century.”

“The professional learning and collegial dialogue was at a high level. Thought provoking and reflection.”


NASSP to Cuba:
“The exposure to other educational practices and programs outside the scope of the U.S. and the networking that occurred within our delegation were the greatest benefit of the program.”

“Personal and professional growth were the most valuable part of participating in this delegation. Being on the ground floor of conversations between American and Cuban education leaders was exciting and fulfilling. Learning about Cuba’s system and looking at their education system/ culture through their lens helps us to see our own systems in different ways.”

“The value of the trip is unmeasurable. Yes, it was the “trip of a lifetime”, but one I intend to try to make again. International education systems and exchanges to learn about them can only broaden our knowledge and understanding of our own. Learning about other schools/systems in the US from serious educational “movers and shakers” was invaluable. Plus, the pace and location contributed to the kinds of conversations that can happen under relaxed but engaging moments as everyone experienced new things together.”

“Interaction with Cuban officials in education – organization of their educational system – the greatest insight was socialism – have never seen it so strongly at work – pros and cons – what free enterprise it starting to do in that system now – what effect it will have in the future – their perspective on why our countries are separated – the ability to be one of a delegation to open conversation and communication with the focus being children and their success instead of political gain”

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