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Rural School Leadership

March 15th, 2018 by


In February the U.S. Department of Education issued a Request for Information on Obtaining Input From Rural Schools and Local Educational Agencies.

In response, a team of UCEA scholars submitted the following comments regarding rural leader stability and the challenges of rural leader preparation.

UCEA Comments: Rural School Leadership

Due to both the importance and complexity of this topic, we wanted to open it up to the UCEA community for thoughts and comments.  We realize this is a critical issue for many UCEA members.

The goal is to hold an informed discussion around rural leader development at UCEA18 followed by the release of a formal white paper.  Please email any ideas, suggestions or additions to the UCEA comments above to mar5q@virginia.edu.

Huge thank yous to Daniella Hall (Clemson University), Wesley Henry (University of Washington), Kristina Hesbol (University of Denver), Janie Lindle (Clemson University), and Sarah Zuckerman (University of Nebraska Lincoln) for their leadership in developing the comments above.

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