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New Issue of Strategies for School System Leaders on District-Level Change

September 4th, 2018 by


For more than three decades the Panasonic Foundation has partnered with public school districts, serving high proportions of children of color and children in poverty — 38 districts in total — with a steady focus on advancing equity. Rather than offer grants, the Foundation has provided direct assistance through the work of highly experienced educational consultants. This issue of Strategies is not so much a recounting of a foundation initiative as it is a coalescing of practical insights and applicable learning drawn primarily from school system leaders who partnered with the Foundation during our three-decade effort. The driving question that shapes this issue is this: What have we — the Foundation and its partner school districts — learned that has been most powerfully effective in accomplishing systemic improvement that advances equity and excellence in student learning and student outcomes?

View the newest volume (released September 2018) including dynamic thoughts on “Leading for Equity: What Have we Learned?” on the UCEA website.


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