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Strands are new in the UCEA Annual Meeting this year!

November 8th, 2018 by


A strand consists of four to six sessions held consecutively in a single day, in the same room. By arranging them as a kind of “conference-within-a-conference,” we hope the attendees and presenters alike will be able to create a deeper conversation across the day, and form relationships in a network of scholars who share interest in a topic.

There are four strands occuring on Friday, and two on Saturday. The program has all the details, or look for the big signs outside these meeting rooms where strands are held: Kingwood A, Kingwood A, Montrose A, and Sugarland A.

Friday, 11/16/18 from 9:30-6





Saturday, 11/17/18 from 8-3



Our vision for strands includes starting  conversations and relationships before the annual meeting in Houston, capturing ideas and connections made during the convention, and continuing those conversations and relationships following the annual meeting in Houston. To that end, we are using two different technologies to form and support networks of scholars with shared interests.



Each strand is distinguished by a hashtag, so interested scholars can quickly find one another on Twitter, and connect and communicate.

The UCEA Networking Tool:

Each strand has a collaboration space (a network) in the UCEA Networking Tool. Log in at ucea.org and look at right for the UCEA Networking Tool, under the Resources heading. Anyone can browse the content of the strand networks, which will grow organically from member contributions during and after the convention. Click “Request to Join” to engage in discussions within any network’s collaboration space:

We hope you will engage in a Strand or two before, during, or after the UCEA 2018 Annual Convention!


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