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2019 Educational Leadership Awards

September 24th, 2019 by


The University Council for Educational Administration Announces the Recipients of the 2019 Educational Leadership Awards Program

“The remarkable individuals recognized by the 2019 awards are prominent trailblazers for our field. In addition to leading in the production of high-quality and impactful scholarship, these individuals have and continue to serve as foundational role models for the next generation of educational leadership scholars. The field is indebted to them for their example of excellence.”                

  ~ Mónica Byrne-Jiménez, UCEA Executive Director


Charlottesville, VA –The University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA), a leading professional organization of higher education institutions focused on advancing the preparation of leaders, is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2019 educational leadership awards. The UCEA awards program encourages and recognizes efforts and excellence within the educational leadership community.

The 2019 educational leadership awards recognize the following outstanding and leading faculty members from UCEA institutions that have made a sustained and positive impact on the field.


The recipient of the 2019 Roald F. Campbell Award is Dr. Diana Pounder from the University of Utah. The Roald F. Campbell Award is given to a senior professor in recognition of his or her lifetime of excellent achievement. Dr. Pounder has devoted her career to improving pre-service leader preparation and shaping program evaluation research and leadership practice. She has distinguished herself in a variety of leadership roles in schools, higher education faculty and administration and professional associations – including past service as President of UCEA – and her leadership has persisted even during retirement.


The recipient of the 2019 Jack A. Culbertson Award is Dr. Lolita Tabron from the University of Denver. The Jack A. Culbertson Award is given to a professor in the first six years of his or her career for an outstanding scholarly accomplishment or contribution. Dr. Tabron is a scholar, teacher and mentor whose early career contributions are already having a multiplier effect by impacting the lives of educational leadership scholars. Her passion and actions for social justice and equity contribute greatly to her ability to ignite confidence and learning from her students.


The recipient of the 2019 Master Professor Award is Dr. Karen Sanzo from Old Dominion University. The Master Professor Award is given to an individual faculty member whose record demonstrates excellence in at least four of the following five areas: teaching, mentoring and advising, academic leadership, supporting diverse students and colleagues, and professional service. Dr. Sanzo is a respected teacher, mentor, educational and organizational leader, and scholar. Her teaching and advising abilities are regularly recognized by her students and she has provided leadership for program improvement at the program, institutional and national levels.


The recipient of the 2019 Jay D. Scribner Mentoring Award is Dr. Allison M. Borden from the University of New Mexico. The Jay D. Scribner Mentoring Award is given to an educational leadership faculty member who has made substantive contributions to the field through mentoring the next generation of scholars into roles as university research professors, while also recognizing the important role(s) mentors play in supporting and advising junior faculty. Dr. Borden’s mentoring reflects selflessness, integrity, service and professionalism. Her impact across a diverse array of mentees has been recognized as life-changing.


UCEA Award recipients are selected through a rigorous and competitive process that includes review and evaluation by a selection committee of peers appointed by the Executive Director. Please join us in recognizing these faculty pioneers in educational leadership, and appreciating their outstanding contribution to the field.

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