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Comparison of Democratic Presidential Candidates’ Educational Viewpoints

March 2nd, 2020 by


As the 2020 Democratic Presidential Campaign continues the Primary Season, UCEA conducted a review of recent educational position statements of the leading candidates.

The analysis consisted of a comprehensive review of the education-related stances available on candidates’ official campaign websites, interviews, and public statements. From that analysis we charted the issues for easy comparison. We will continue to update this analysis if additional material is made available.

In this document, we created a comparison of the candidates and the different education-related issues they raised. It is divided into two main sections. The first by issue. These issues were organized loosely into four broad categories because of the specific educational context and/or the point of impact of proposed or future policies. The categories are Community, Higher Education, K-12, and Other. The second is by candidate in alphabetical order.

We offer this document in an effort to engage our membership in important educational issues that are being discussed during the primaries and beyond. UCEA does not advocate for any particular position or candidate.

Note: Keep a look out for future parts of the 2020 Education Project, including the Summer UCEA Review, which will be focusing on the educational policy issues and a future comparison of the Democratic and Republican educational platforms.

Click here to view the complete analysis.

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