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July 8th, 2021 by


We are excited to announce a reimagined Café UCEA, coming to you now as a podcast! Café UCEA, began in 2013 as a talk show streamed live. Past Cafés covered topics from mentoring, NELP standards, the future of peer review, PSEL, and advice on delivering conference presentations. Those video episodes and can be found here. After a short hiatus we are back in a more user-friendly format that you can hear on any device.  

Like many good ideas, this renewal of the Café series began with a conversation about a challenging question.

The question was posed by 2020 AERA President Shaun Harper in April 2021. He asked educational researchers  to reflect on our responsibility to improve conditions for students and question our role in enabling – or disrupting –  racist practices in schools. 

So then we asked, in what ways does the work we do in leadership preparation and the work we do with schools and districts foster and advance racial justice and healing to school communities? And where are we culpable? For all our efforts, are leadership preparation programs responsible for contributing to racist leadership practices in schools?

We cannot engage with this question on our own so we decided to relaunch the Café series and ask colleagues to wrestle with some of the same questions, 

In the first episode this season, Addressing Anti-Blackness in Educational Leadership Preparation, Dr. Terri Watson, of the City University of New York, asks, “what is the role of university faculty in addressing anti-Blackness in educational leadership preparation?” Her conversation is with Dr. Kofi Lomotey, Western Carolina University; Dr. Shannon Waite, Howard University; and Dr. Rich Milner, Vanderbilt University. Listen closely as four scholars, colleagues, and friends spend an hour sharing thoughts, experiences, and laughter. 

Over time we will hear from other voices as they take on these and other questions vital to the improvement of leadership preparation. Café UCEA is a podcast about what’s on the minds of faculty who prepare school leaders. Our hope is that you’ll get hooked on our candid conversations about topics ranging from race and justice throughout the leadership preparation pipeline to the responsibility of leader preparation programs to meet current – and changing – educational contexts.

To listen, subscribe on your favorite podcast service, including on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Player FM,  Stitcher, TuneIn, and Pocket Casts. 

Can’t find it? You can listen anytime on our podcast home page here: https://cafe-ucea.captivate.fm

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