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UCEA Spotlight September 2022

September 28th, 2022 by


Dear UCEA,
Happy Fall, everyone!! 🍁🍂 After a summer hiatus, the UCEA Spotlight is back.
I hope the start of the semester has been a gentle one. Here at MSU the leaves are starting to turn, students are realizing that the semester is flying by, and faculty are wondering when they will get their Convention papers done (that last is a joke … but all too real). As in all things, I hope you are able to take some time to enjoy the start of another academic year full of possibility and memories to be made!
I am also happy to introduce Dr. Jerome Graham as HQ’s new Associate Director! He brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience on the role of race and class in educational policy, school climate, and student well-being. Along with Dr. John Yun, also HQ Associate Director, he will do great things for our community. Please join me in welcoming him to UCEA HQ! 

Read below to get information on #UCEA22 and the Graduate Student Seminar, Clark Scholar nominations and volunteer opportunities [Note: November 4th deadline for both], educational policy changes that affect leaders in K12 and higher education, and recent Wallace reports on the learnings from the University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI), a synthesis of 20 years of research on the principalship, and state policy ESSA collaborations. Please dive in!

Mónica Byrne-Jiménez
Executive Director
Check out the entire September issue here.


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