2016 Call for Proposals

The 2016 Call for Proposals is released! A huge thank you to the 2016 Convention Program Committee for preparing such a wonderful call: April Peters-Hawkins (University of Georgia), Dana Thompson Dorsey (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill); Kristy Cooper (Michigan State University); and Wayne Lewis (University of Kentucky).

The 30th Annual UCEA Convention theme, Revitalizing Education in Complex Contexts: Re-envisioning Leadership, Refreshing Practice, Redefining Student Success, is intended as an occasion to talk, meet, think, and organize for a renewed vision, goal-setting and coalition-building that will bring new life and meaning to the role of education and educational leadership. The theme highlights the context of of the convention location in Detroit, a city that has faced significant challenges and undergone tremendous change, with a lens on the educational, political, civic, corporate, and community revitalization that occurs in such contexts. As such, the theme draws attention the complex contexts (communities, political environments, and policy contexts) in which we research, lead and practice in the field. Such contexts are complex due to the multidimensional and sometimes competing interests inherent in these various spaces, and because they involve interconnections and intersections among various people, challenges, changes, and politics which often directly impact and influence education policy, leadership practice, and student outcomes.

Please Note:

  • The 30th annual UCEA Convention will be held November 17-20, 2016 at the Detroit Marriott Renaissance Center in Detroit, MI.
  • All Academic will open for proposal submission on April 6th, 2016. All proposals are due by May 9th 2016 at 11:59 PM EST.