Convention 2005


The 2005 convention theme, “Democracy in educational leadership: The unfinished journey towards justice,” aims to advance the conversations of issues related to diversity, equity, social justice and ethics in educational leadership. Historically, many educational leaders find themselves in teaching, research and activism as the torchbearers of various interpretations of democratic ideals. These ideals are fundamentally rooted in the contexts of cultural understandings, belief systems, and the creation/enactment of governmental policy. Educational institutions, however, begin this journey and stop at the basic levels of understanding and interpreting democratic ideals and transforming these ideals into social behaviors. Those involved in the wide range of approaches to teaching and researching about educational leadership should continue to critique the definition and enactment of democracy in order to develop initiatives, action steps and purposeful civic engagement so that all of education’s stakeholders can complete this unfinished journey toward, “justice for all.” Teachers and researchers in all areas of educational leadership must face the challenges to expand instructional practices and include diverse theoretical constructs that support more than the status-quo in educational leadership. Schools as a microcosm of society must have social and political structures that help them maintain and build on existing foundations to create lasting social change. To this end, those in educational leadership on various levels play an integral role in helping to create, critique, and implement educational leadership that embodies the belief that “democracy matters.”

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