Convention 2006


The 2006 Convention theme, “Exploring Contested Intersections of Democracy, Social Justice, and Globalization,” draws attention to the tensions between theory, research and practice, particularly with regard to democracy, social justice and globalization. The theory, practice and research concerning democracy, social justice and globalization are embroiled within a contemporary struggle, as many groups within and outside of the educational establishment struggle to have their perspectives, values, and reform agendas take precedence.

Educational administration is centrally about providing democratic and moral leadership in educational institutions with the purpose of supporting the education and development of all students. However, what democratic moral leadership means, how such leadership is developed, and, even, whether this should be the goal of leadership development is subject to intense debate. Likewise, notions of social justice and globalization and their meanings for educational leadership are similarly contested. As the United States and countries across the globe become increasingly interconnected, the promises and contested intersections of globalization, democracy, social justice and educational leadership emerge in sharp relief.

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