Convention 2020

The 34th annual UCEA Convention was VIRTUAL! The UCEA Executive Committee deliberated the costs and benefits of hosting our annual face-to-face convention in Puerto Rico in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, its fiscal impact on university budgets, and the feasibility of our membership to travel in November. After considering many factors and the survey feedback by UCEA members, we had opted for a virtual convention.

The 34th annual UCEA Convention was held November 17–19, 2020, with a few pre- and postconvention sessions during the month of November. The purpose of the 2020 UCEA Convention was to collaboratively engage participants in discussions about research, policy, practice, and preparation in the field of education with a specific focus on educational leadership. We were excited by the possibilities that a virtual meeting could provide and look forward to developing innovative ways of sharing research, getting/giving feedback, networking, connecting, and strengthening our community. We offered four types of presentations, with downloadable paper materials.

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