Frequently Asked Questions

  • UCEA is currently planning for a “Hybrid Convention” in November. We understand that you have many questions as you look ahead to #UCEA21 and we will do our best to answer them. We are also aware that these questions may change as we get closer to the Convention.

    Please keep in mind that we are trying to be as responsive and responsible as possible in order to provide a safe and accessible Convention experience as possible. As such, information and our plans may change, sometimes rapidly, over the next few months. Keep checking back since we will update this FAQ as more questions emerge.

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    Q&A last updated on 3.22.21

    Q. What type of convention is UCEA planning to have in November?

    A. We are currently planning a hybrid convention to include elements of the “in-person” experience and “virtual” components.

    Q. What are the current possibilities for virtual, asynchronous submission options?

    A. We will be building on the success of the asynchronous sessions and have some virtual paper sessions available. We are also planning for in-person paper sessions, symposia, roundtables, and practitioner-oriented ignite presentation. At this time, we do not have any further information on live-streaming options.

    Q. What will happen if not all session presenters/participants are unable to attend the convention “in-person”?

    A. UCEA is currently exploring options that would include “virtual” attendees in the session with those in “physical” attendance. We are also considering other interactive options to engage the “virtual” audience throughout the convention.

    Q. What resources is UCEA using to evaluate the prospects of having individuals physically attend the convention in November?

    A. UCEA is evaluating information provided by these organizations and others to determine how to possibly meet safely in November.
    1. Center for Disease Control and Protection / World Health Organization
    2. State of Ohio
    3. UCEA Member Institutions/li>
    4. Meetings & events industry partners, including currently scheduled large events
    5. Transportation resources: IATA & ICAO

    Q. What options is UCEA considering in an effort to provide a healthy and safe experience and environment to physically meet in November?

    A. We will continue to stay up-to-date on all CDC guidelines for large gatherings. We are hopeful that most attendees will be vaccinated by November. Masks will continue to be required. In addition, we will be following social distancing guidelines and ensuring space/seating limits are followed. We are working closely with the hotel to ventilate spaces when possible and to set up sanitation tables throughout.

    Q. What if I am unable to access travel funds from my institution for the convention in November?

    A. We are sensitive to the possibility of this reality and will be monitoring this situation in the coming weeks & months. “Virtual” presentation opportunities will be available regardless of the travel funds situation.

    Q. When will All Academic be open for proposal submissions? When is the proposal submission deadline?

    A. All Academic will open on March 24. Currently, All Academic will “close” on May 16 at 11:59 PM EDT. We will be communicating at regular intervals so that if there are any changes you will have ample time to make any adjustments.

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