Participant Roles

January 23rd, 2019 by


Should your proposal for the 2019 Convention be accepted, or if you are asked to be a session facilitator, you will have additional responsibilities before and during the Convention. Below are links to documents that detail these roles for your reference:

A note to all participating in paper sessions: for the 2019 Convention, UCEA is continuing to modernize the traditional paper session into what we like to think of as a learning mosaic.  We envision these enhanced paper sessions as providing excellent paper presentations, demonstrating the links between papers, and engaging participants in an enlightened conversation.  The new format will have the following characteristics:  1) Each session will have a session facilitator, who will introduce presenters and keep time; 2) Session authors/presenters will be expected to communicate with one another ahead of time to identify common themes and generate discussion questions across the session papers; 3) After each of the authors has completed her/his presentation, they will initiate the conversation with one another and the audience. Importantly, discussants will not be assigned to paper sessions this year.

If you have any questions, please email UCEA at