Session Types

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2019 UCEA Convention Session Types

Paper Session

These sessions are intended for reporting research results or analyzing issues of policy and practice in an abbreviated form. Presenters are expected to provide electronic copies of papers. The proposal summary should include a statement of purpose, theoretical framework, findings, and conclusions. For research reports, also describe data sources and methods. There will be no discussant, session presenters are expected to communicate pre-conference to identify common themes and generate discussion questions for the session itself. A facilitator will be assigned to introduce presenters and keep time.


A symposium should examine specific policy, research or practice issues from several perspectives, contribute significantly to the knowledge base, and allow for dialogue and discussion. Session organizers are expected to chair the session and facilitate discussion. Symposium participants are expected to develop and provide electronic copies of papers presented during the session.

International Community-Building Sessions

These sessions, regardless of format (i.e., paper, symposia, conversation, etc.), require participants to be from two or more different countries. These sessions must focus on critical issues of leadership practice, development or research from multiple international perspectives. The proposal summary should describe the purpose of the session, the format participants will employ, and a list of the national contexts that will be represented.

Critical Conversations and Networking Sessions

These sessions are intended to stimulate informal, lively discussions around a series of provocative questions or research in process. Sessions may be structured in a variety of ways: 1) a session could include a panel of participants who facilitate and guide the conversation; 2) a session could be organized as a dialogue where the organizers and attendees discuss an issue or series of questions, or 3) a session could be structured to provide scholars with common research interests dedicated time to meet, plan, discuss and consider developing collaborative projects, papers, linked research, and other scholarly pursuits that will be a continued focus beyond the convention. The proposal summary should describe the purpose of the session, the ways in which participants will engage in conversation/dialogue, and examples of questions or areas to be addressed.

Innovative Sessions and Mini-Workshops

Proposals utilizing innovative presentation/interaction strategies are encouraged, such as web-based projects, films, and the use of technology to increase interaction and participation. The proposal summary should describe the focus and purpose of the session or mini-workshop (to be held during the convention), the innovative format, and how the format will enhance adult learning and discussion.

Ignite Sessions

These sessions are intended to stimulate informal, lively discussions using a cluster of four to five 5-minute presentations with no more than 20 slides per presentation, where each slide is displayed for approximately 15 seconds while the speaker addresses the audience. The intent of an Ignite session is to spark interest and awareness of multiple yet similar topics while encouraging additional thought and action on the part of presenters and members of the audience. Ignite sessions are an ideal way to present innovations, effective strategies and tools, problems of practice, collaborations, etc. The proposal summary should be for an individual (5-minute) Ignite presentation that describes the purpose and topic of the 5-minute presentation, relevant literature, findings (if relevant), and examples of questions or areas to be addressed. Examples of “Ignite” Sessions:


Roundtable presentations are the most flexible format offered at this year’s UCEA conference. Roundtables allow for extended discussions among a small group of individuals and are excellent venues for giving and receiving targeted feedback, engaging in-depth discussions, and meeting colleagues with similar research interests. Roundtables are excellent for new and emerging research projects. If you are accepted to present in the roundtable format, please bring 10 copies of all materials to share with other session attendees.

Post-Convention Work Sessions and Workshops

These sessions, which provide both 2- and 4-hour sessions for scholars of similar interest, are encouraged for (a) groups of scholars who are working on projects directly related to the core mission of UCEA and (b) scholars who wish to present a workshop for faculty members attending the convention. Proposals should describe the purpose of the session, relevant literature, how the time will be used, the role and expertise of facilitators, outcomes for participants, and plans for disseminating information from the session/workshop to UCEA member institutions and the field. 

Graduate Student Symposium

This ticketed event is available for doctoral students as a preconference session. Doctoral students from UCEA member institutions will be invited to submit proposals similar to UCEA’s format and present them during this preconference session. Further details regarding the call for proposals for this graduate student pre-session will follow later this month and can be found on the Graduate Student portion of the UCEA Website: development/.