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January 23rd, 2019 by


Town Hall – Constructive and Positive Change in Educational Leadership Preparation

Fri. Nov 22 2019, 8:00 to 9:30am

Continuous improvement is a key feature of any highly effective educational leadership preparation program. School leaders must receive preparation that empowers them to meet the changing and real-world needs of students, schools and communities. Preparation programs must develop strong and mutually-beneficial communication structures with partner districts. While critical, efforts to facilitate constructive and positive change in leadership preparation can be challenging and under-appreciated. This panel will present examples of programs successfully engaged in redesign and discuss how local and state policies can hinder and support change.

Moderator: Sara Shelton – Director of State Relations, Education Commission of the States


Joan Auchter – Director of Professional Development, National Association of Secondary School Principals

Dan Domenech – Executive Director, American Association of School Administrators

Richard Gonzales – Associate Professor and Director of Educational Leadership Programs, University of Connecticut

Daniel Reyes-Guerra – Assistant Professor, Florida Atlantic University

Monica Taylor – Senior Program Director of School Leadership, Teacher Workforce and Continuous Improvement, Council of Chief State School Officers


Positive School-level Outcomes for Principal Pipeline Development

Thu. Nov 21 2019, 4:40 to 5:50pm

Scholars, district leaders, teachers, parents and students have long observed that the strategic and systematic preparation of school leaders makes a difference in schools. In 2011, The Wallace Foundation launched the Principal Pipeline Initiative (PPI) to support the development of a comprehensive pipeline of school leaders in six districts and analyze the impact of this approach. This session analyzes findings from studies of PPI outcomes that show statistically reliable and positive school-level outcomes.

Susan Gates – RAND Corporation

Ty Wilde – The Wallace Foundation


What Effective, Affordable & Sustainable Principal Pipelines Mean for Preparation Programs

Fri. Nov 22 2019, 11:00 to 12:10pm

Studies have shown that the comprehensive development of principal pipelines is effective, affordable and sustainable. The experience of six districts in the Principal Pipeline Initiative (PPI) supported by The Wallace Foundation also offers important lessons for leadership preparation programs partnering with districts. This session will present research that monitored the progress of the PPI districts and present design aspects that programs can harness to strengthen their work with district partners. Representatives from the University of Denver and Denver Public Schools will discuss lessons learned from their participation in PPI and how the initiative has reinforced their partnership

Susan Korach – University of Denver

Brenda Turnbull – Policy Studies Assocaition

Dana Williams – Denver Public Schools


Transforming the Clinical Experience in Leadership Preparation

Sat. Nov 23 2019, 1:40 to 2:50pm

This session examines first- and third-generation redesigns of the clinical experience in three leadership preparation programs engaged in The Wallace Foundation’s University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI). Participants will gain a sense of how these university-based programs (both residency and non-residency) have taken up and worked towards strengthening the clinical experience, either initially or over time.

Shelby A. Cosner – University of Illinois at Chicago

Cynthia Barron- Chicago Public Schools

Lionel Eugene Allen – University of Illinois at Chicago

Sarah Woulfin – University of Connecticut

Marguerita K DeSander – Western Kentucky University

Stacy Regina Leggett – Western Kentucky University