UCEA Final Accepted Individual Paper Submission Guidelines

UCEA Final Accepted Individual Paper Submission Guidelines

Paper Specification for Both Asynchronous and Synchronous Sessions

The paper should include any additional research findings and conclusions from the time of submission. The paper should address the elements required for submission in greater detail and should expand upon the initial 2,000 word submission.  

These guidelines serve to help you prepare your paper and are a suggestion only; your individual paper may follow another format. The parts of your paper may be arranged in this sequence: cover sheet, abstract, main text, reference list, appendixes, author note if any, endnotes, tables, and figures. It is usually easiest to group the tables and figures at the end, but they may be incorporated into the main text, each near the location where it is first mentioned. Page numbers should be included. There is no word limit for the final paper and papers may be as long as necessary. 

If you do not upload a final paper, your peers will have nothing to review prior to your session. 

Presenters are encouraged to create one-page summaries/briefs in PDF form for sharing during these sessions. These digital “handouts” will enable participants to discuss the topic more effectively.