UCEA Hidden Figures

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Nominations for the Hidden Figures Panel are closed. Thank you to everyone who nominated a UCEA Hidden Figure!

The Planning Committee for the 2018 UCEA Convention invites you to nominate a Hidden Figure in the UCEA Community to be honored at the Convention in November in Houston, TX. 

What is the Hidden Figures Panel?

This is an opportunity to honor five scholars who are the quiet giants in the field on whose shoulders we stand. It is a time for us to show them that what they have sowed is fruitful and is carried on in today’s generation.  

Who are Hidden Figures?
  • They are the behind the scenes scholars that you may not see but whose work you cannot ignore.
  • They are foundational scholars and trailblazers who have broken barriers and opened doors so that today’s generation can stand tall with dignity and integrity.
  • They are our council of elders who provide wisdom, guiding strength and love and serve with joy, enthusiasm, and excellence expecting nothing in return.
  • We see their influence and legacy embraced in today’s rising scholars, and we know that today’s generation is able to unleash their gifts because of their sacrifice.
  • They are dynamic individuals who have made significant contributions to the field and will continue to advance educational leadership and policy.
  • Their research embraces key aspects of UCEA’s mission to promote rigorous research, improve professional development of educational leaders, and influence educational policy.
  • These individuals are intellectual pioneers opening the doors for new and innovative research and scholarship.
  • They have made significant impact beyond their own institutions, providing service in a variety of offices, committees, special projects, etc.
Nomination Criteria  
  • Tenured Faculty member with 10-15+ years of service
  • Distinguished teaching and leadership achievements
  • Strong mentorship service/ an exceptional mentor to emerging faculty or new professionals
Additional Information  
This five-person panel will take place during a 60-90 minute session during the 2018 UCEA Convention in Houston, TX. The date and time have yet to be determined.

2018 UCEA Planning Committee

Terah Venzant Chambers
Lolita Tabron
Andrene Castro
Terrance Green
Bradley Carpenter