Sessions Sponsored by The Wallace Foundation

February 16th, 2018 by


Please take advantage of these engaging and high-impact sessions at the UCEA 2018 convention sponsored by The Wallace Foundation. For more information about The Wallace Foundation and the research it sponsors, please visit

Keynote Town Hall Sponsored by the Wallace Foundation: The Future of Leadership and Leadership for the Future: Meeting the Needs of the Next Generation of Schools and Students

Friday, Nov 16, 8:00 to 9:20 am

Marriott Marquis Houston: Floor 2 -Houston 4

The future promises increasing diversity in the composition and background of the U.S. student population. To meet the evolving needs of a new generation of students, school leaders must be prepared to address these evolving demographic and geographic trends. How can we anticipate student and school level change proactively instead of being reactionary and delayed in our response? And, as a field, how can we ensure we are not stuck in the trap of preparing school leaders for yesterday’s schools? Speakers will discuss data on the changing role of a principal and offer forward-looking and innovative approaches to leading schools.

Moderator: Steve Tozer, University of Illinois-Chicago

Rosa Atkins, Superintendent, Charlottesville City Schools

Andy Cole – The Wallace Foundation

Earl Franks – Executive Director, National Association of Elementary School Principals

Steve Murdock – Director of the Hobby Center & Professor of Sociology at Rice University

Lessons Learned From the University Principal Preparation Initiative (UPPI): A Wallace Foundation Sponsored Session

Thursday, Nov 15, 2:00 to 3:10 pm

Marriott Marquis Houston: Floor 3 -Meyerland B

Over the last two years, seven universities from seven different states have been working with district partners to significantly redesign their principal preparation programs. In this session, representatives from four of the UPPI programs and their district partners will share key lessons learned through their partnership redesign work and advice for others who interested in engaging in similar work.


Tim Drake, North Carolina State University

Sylvia M Anthony McGeachy, Edgecombe County Public Schools (District partner for NC State)

Robert N. Corley III, Virginia State University

Julius Hamlin, Sussex County Public Schools (District partner for VSU)

Tracie Weston, Henrico County Public Schools (District partner for VSU)

Marguerita K. DeSander, Western Kentucky University

Rob Clayton, Warren County Public Schools (District partner for WKU)

Daniel Reyes-Guerra, Florida Atlantic University

Ted Toomer, Broward County Public Schools (District partner for FAU)

Laurie Riopelle, Palm Beach County Public Schools (District partner for FAU)

Facilitator: Karen L Sanzo, Old Dominion University

A New Role Emerges For Principal Supervisors: Evidence from Six Urban Districts in the Wallace Foundation’s Principal Supervisor Initiative

Friday, Nov 16, 9:30 to 10:45 am

Marriott Marquis Houston: Floor 3 -Meyerland B

In 2014, The Wallace Foundation launched the Principal Supervisor Initiative (PSI), a four-year effort to redefine principal supervision in six urban school districts. The motivating hypothesis of the PSI is that changing the role of principal supervisors from overseeing administration and operations to providing instructional leadership can drive improvement in principal effectiveness. This session will present the results of the study of the PSI from its inception in the 2014–2015 school year through spring 2017, describing the emergence of a new role for principal supervisors, documenting districts’ experiences and lessons learned. Data for the study include semi-structured interviews with central office personnel, principal supervisors, and principals, as well as surveys of supervisors and principals. A second report will address changes in principal effectiveness.


Jason A. Grissom, Vanderbilt University

Meredith I. Honig, University of Washington

Laura K Rogers, Vanderbilt University

Mollie Rubin, Vanderbilt University

Facilitator: Ellen Goldring, Vanderbilt University

Opening the “black box” on UCEA’s Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation Programs: A Wallace Foundation Sponsored Session

Friday, Nov 16, 10:55 to 12:10 pm

Marriott Marquis Houston: Floor 3 -Meyerland A

For the past eight years, UCEA has invited programs to apply for the Exemplary Educational Leadership Preparation (EELP) Program Award, and thus far five programs have been identified as exemplary. UCEA has worked to share information on these programs broadly through convention sessions, study visits, and special issues of the Journal of Research on Leadership Education (JRLE). This session will highlight three of the award winning programs and focus on what it is that makes them special, with a particular focus on the Powerful Learning Experiences (PLEs) that are offered through these programs.


Erin Anderson, University of Denver

Shelby A. Cosner, University of Illinois at Chicago

Emily Kate Donaldson, University of Washington

Bonnie C. Fusarelli, North Carolina State University

Meredith I. Honig, University of Washington

Susan Korach, University of Denver

Lolita Tabron, University of Denver

Facilitators: Michelle D. Young, UCEA & University of Virginia & David H. Eddy Spicer, University of Virginia

Using the New NELP Standards for Program Design, Review and Accreditation: A Wallace Foundation Sponsored Session

Sat, Nov 17, 4:00 to 5:10 pm

Marriott Marquis Houston: Floor 3 – Meyerland A

In this session representatives from the National Policy Board for Educational Administration, the NELP Specialized Professional Area for CAEP and the NELP standards development committee will share the final version of the NELP standards as well as a companion guide developed as a resource for faculty who are planning to go through accreditation review. The presenters will be providing rich examples of how to use the standards or program development and review, and the session will include plenty of time for questions and discussion.


Joan Auchter, National Association for Secondary School Principals

Jacquelyn Kay (Owens) Wilson, National Policy Board for Educational Administration

Michelle D. Young, UCEA & University of Virginia

Facilitator: Liz Hollingworth, University of Iowa