Module 1: Advocacy & Leadership



Module 1 Video

Table of contents


PLE 1: Surfacing assumptions about advocacy and leadership

  1. an active listening experience on assumptions
  2. discussion of the assumptions surfaced through active listening discussions
  3. reflections on the process

PLE 2: Investigating an issue or priority

  1. Selecting an actionable issue
  2. Collecting and using of data from multiple primary and secondary sources and types on social, economical and cultural conditions
  3. Identifying current approaches and practices
  4. Identifying current assumptions and pressures pertaining to the selected issue or problem

PLE 2b: Analyzing critical policy influences and potential levers for change

  1. Brainstorm sources of evidence to identify the primary policy making systems and influences on an issue or problem
  2. Mapping the decision making systems for an issue or problem
  3. Identify the policy levers that undergird your issue or problem and the potential levers that could be used to influence opportunity
  4. Reflection

PLE 3: Mapping interests and forming coalitions

  1. Case study discussion of opportunities and strategies for initiating coalition building around a policy or action
  2. Political mapping exercise
  3. Exploring how to build a coalition

PLE 4: Creating a persuasive argument

  1. Discussion about a persuasive argument
  2. Develop expectations for an effective persuasive argument
  3. Drafting a persuasive argument
  4. Follow up activity
  5. Field work extension

PLE 5: Taking action (planning for change)

  1.  Discussion about strategic planning as a form of advocacy
  2.  Introduction to action planning
  3.  Drafting a POME-based action plan for selected advocacy-related strategy
  4.  Comparison and reflection

PLE 5A: Engaging action (direct advocacy)

  1. Explore means of advocating on behalf of children and schools
  2. Review video clip examples of advocacy
  3. Develop an advocacy plan for an issue or topic

PLE 6: Conducting an after action review

  1. Learn about after action review
  2. Tryout after action review
  3. Document what they accomplished