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  • Preparing Leaders to Support Diverse Learners:  Curriculum Modules for Leadership Preparation
    What this is: 

    With support from a USDOE FIPSE grant, UCEA is working with faculty teams from several institutions to develop curriculum modules focused on preparing leaders to support diverse learners. These modules are designed to enhance the core curriculum used in UCEA school leadership programs. The instructional modules will be designed to offer critical content knowledge and learning experiences that strengthen leaders’ ability to support students’ academic achievement at low-performing schools.

    The Survey – UCEA-FIPSE Preparing Leaders to Support Diverse Learners (LSDL) Facilitators

    This survey is designed to understand your use of one LSDL Module. Specifically, we want to understand one specific Powerful Learning Experience (PLE).

  • Thank you for adopting one more more modules and your commitment to the development of Leaders to Support Diverse Learners. In order to refine the modules and gather evaluation data for the US Department of Education FIPSE grant, we request feedback from faculty members/facilitators and students/participants. As you engage with the modules, please complete the surveys at the links below.

    Link to survey for faculty users/facilitators:

    Link to survey for student users/participants: