PLE 7: Module 6

PLE 7: Framing the problem


This PLE is designed to engage students in problem framing based upon the data analysis they have done.  The objective of this PLE is to learn to use data to identify the problem to be addressed.

Essential Question

How do data help identify a problem of practice?  What does it mean to have differences in achievement or other outcomes by group? What can be learned from disaggregating data?


This is a group project.  Going back to the data set, frame an actionable problem, using group comparisons of outcome data.  Outcome data may be achievement, discipline, and/or an attendance variables.  Expand your understanding by looking at an area that you have not explored in previous PLE’s.

In small group discussions, make sense out of your equity analysis of outcomes. 

  1. What meaning do you make of the data?
  2. What is the central problem, not just the presenting issue?