Graduate Student Focus


Research Development Program



I. What is the Researcher Development Program?

The Researcher Development Program (RDP) is a joint initiative between the UCEA Graduate Student Council (GSC) and the AERA Leadership for School Improvement Special Interest Group (LSI SIG). RDP is aimed at providing graduate students and faculty members at different institutions with opportunities to form research-focused collaborations. Graduate students benefit from the expertise of their faculty mentor and receive feedback throughout the course of project development. Faculty members benefit from collaboration with emerging scholars who share their research interests. The program is unique in its focus on establishing ongoing mentor-mentee relationships through the development of a research product which could include, but is not limited to, conference proposals or presentations, posters, policy briefs, and papers. For more information on the 2021-2022 Cohort go here.

II. Current RDP Program Committee

    a. 2021 Student Representatives: TBD

    b. 2019 Student Representatives: Lamar Foster, Parker Morse Andreoli, Mariama Nagbe

    c. 2018 Student Representatives: Alison Wilson, Lam Pham, Tamilah Richardson, Bryan V anGronigen

    d. Faculty Advisor: Angela Urick (2018-2020) Jennifer Clayton (2019-2021)