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Why the David L. Clark Seminar in Educational Administration and Policy Matters: A Graduate Student Perspective

by Meredith L. Wronowski, Ph.D.Visiting Assistant Professor, Miami UniversityWe are approaching November, a perennially busy time for students and faculty members alike. I am writing to ask you to consider one more item for this already packed month: the deadline for nominations for students to participate in the David L. Clark Seminar in Education ...Read more

Procrastinating like a Pro in Grad School

Procrastinating like a Pro in Grad SchoolChandler Patton MirandaPh.D. Candidate at NYU in Educational Leadership “While procrastination is a vice for productivity, I’ve learned — against my natural inclinations — that it’s a virtue for creativity.”Adam Grant, The New York TimesI am two and a half-years into my full-time Ph.D. program at ...Read more

We Don’t Need Buy-In

We Don’t Need Buy-In February 22, 2018 By: Colleen R. Pawlicki, Doctoral Student, Indiana University We’ve all been there. We’re in our schools, having an otherwise productive discussion on curriculum design, mission, vision, you name it, and then the conversation turns to that pervasive concern, that black hole of a conflict—buy-in. Sudden ...Read more

Impostor Syndrome: Recognizing and Overcoming Feelings of Inadequacy and Self-Doubt as a Graduate Student

By Kimberly E. WestPh.D. Student, University of GeorgiaOf all the things to refer to yourself as the term “fraud” might not rate high on the list. However, as a graduate student that feeling may be all too familiar when writing papers, doing presentations, teaching a class, or engaging in research. As you work, it is the voice in your head, sil ...Read more

Making It Through Grad School When You Have Kids, a Spouse, Pets, et al.

By Remy Dou        I could see my reflection in the glass as I stared out the window behind my cubicle on the eighth floor of the National Science Foundation where I worked as a fellow. On my desk sat my laptop open to a confirmation screen that announced in bold letters: “Graduate student application submitted.” A million thoughts flood ...Read more

JCEL December 2015 Video Spotlight

Authors: Dr. Ann E. Blankenship & Dr. Leslie LockeThis case study outlines the struggle for desegregation and the adoption of culturally responsive curricula in the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD) as it attempted to balance state politics and federal court oversight. The case offers a detailed illustration of the political and legal event ...Read more

Coming Home: Mentorship at UCEA

Amy L. ReynoldsFall is an exciting time in the UCEA headquarters office with the fast approach of the Convention and 4th Annual Graduate Student Summit. This year, I feel a rather uncharacteristic nostalgia for these events as I prepare to phase out of my role on the Graduate Student Council, making room for a new, and third, UCEA headquarters grad ...Read more

Tips, Tricks, and Reflections on Making the Most of the Conference Experience

Wesley Henry, University of WashingtonAs this year’s UCEA Annual Convention approaches, I sat down with faculty at the University of Washington to get a better sense for maximizing my time at UCEA. They shared with me their tips, tricks, and reflections on making the most of the conference experience, and I, in turn, would like to share their val ...Read more

Beginning Grad School: Thoughts on Starting Graduate School

Kristina Brezicha, The Pennsylvania State University While the irritatingly early reminders of back to school season were unnecessary, back to school season has final arrived. With the arrival of teems of undergraduates, the start of a new year has always seemed an opportunity to for a new beginning. Whether this is your first year or in my case, ...Read more

Transitioning from Graduate Student to Professional

Approaching the transition to the job market can be a taxing and overwhelming period in the life of a graduate student. This does not have to be the case, as the intelligent use of various resources and strategies can alleviate much of the anxiety and difficulty that comes with finding one’s place in the professional world. Therefore, this partic ...Read more

Awakening the imagination, agitating for change: Reflections on the life and work of Maya Angelou & Maxine Green

Kristina Brezicha Pennsylvania State University At the end of May, we lost two influential and impassioned voices. As many of you know, Dr. Maya Angelou, a noted author, artist and activist passed away. Did you know that Dr. Maxine Greene, a preeminent educational philosopher, also passed away the same week? Throughout her long career, Dr. Greene e ...Read more

Surviving the Summer Slump

James E. Vines Clemson University   The end of the spring semester marks the completion of another school year.  A new batch of newly minted Ph.D.s and Ed.D.s are transitioning from student to Drs.  However, for students who are still continuing their doctoral studies, the summer means coursework, research, and writing conference proposals an ...Read more