Graduate Student Focus


Lessons learned at the 2014 Clark Scholars Seminar: Notes from the panel discussion, Publishing in Academic Journals

Participants included Alex Bowers (Columbia University), Bridget Terry Long (Harvard University), Jonathan Supovitz (University of Pennsylvania), and Julian Vasquez Heilig (University of Texas at Austin). 2-2-2-2-2-2 Plan: This highly ambitious plan suggests that at any given time, you should strive to have 2 articles coming out, 2 articles in ...Read more

Serving on Graduate Student Council—A Personal Perspective

The UCEA Graduate Student Council (GSC) is now accepting 2014-16 GSC representative applications. Our new representative, Kristina Brezicha, blogged about her experience in GSC. Today, as a representative who has served on the GSC for almost two years, I’m sharing my rewarding experience with graduate students and prospective GSC representatives. ...Read more