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Graduate Student Focus


2023 Call for Nominations – Mentors

2023 Call for Nomination – Mentors

Nominations are due May 15, 2023.

The Mentorship

The UCEA Barbara L. Jackson Scholars Network Advisory Board is calling for nominees for Mentors for the 2023–2025 Jackson Scholars cohort. This program, established in 2003, has over 300 alumni and develops and supports promising doctoral students of Color for the professoriate in the field of educational leadership and policy. Scholars are selected after a rigorous nominations and review process.

For the structured mentoring program feature, mentors provide guidance in professional development, a model for students to reference when assuming mentor roles, and opportunities for networking. Mentors also serve as sounding boards for Scholars as they develop their dissertations, research agendas, and publications in preparation for entering the field of higher education.

For the networking program feature, mentors should actively (a) introduce and guide their Scholars to engage in professional networking and (b) attend their Scholars’ 2nd-year presentations, for which they also provide pre- and post-presentation support.

Mentors are expected to develop a relationship with their Scholar throughout the two-year program. Mentors must provide consistent outreach and communication through face-to-face meetings during Convention and AERA conferences, as well as online, telephone, and email conversations. Nominators of mentors are encouraged to consider colleagues who could mentor doctoral students of color during the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th years of their programs.

The Procedure

Who can nominate

UCEA member institution faculty and faculty of non-UCEA member institutions may nominate Mentors (self-nominations accepted).

How (Part I)

Review the Memorandum of Understanding for Jackson Scholar Network Mentors with both a department leader and with the nominee. The Memorandum of Understanding is available via the following link:

The institution should be able to cover the costs defined therein, and the candidate should be available and willing to attend the networking events and Scholar presentations discussed. In some cases, as a result of the preliminary discussions of the Memorandum of Understanding with the department leader and the nominee, the nominee may choose to assume some of the costs of the program.

How (Part II)

To proceed with formally nominating a candidate and declaring financial responsibility, kindly log in at to navigate to the following link:

Nominations must be received by May 15th, 2023.

Please email with questions.