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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Barbara Jackson Scholars? Students of color from our UCEA member institutions who are interested in pursuing an academic career in the field of Educational Leadership.

How are they selected? Faculty or deans from UCEA member institutions can nominate one or more students who plan to pursue an academic career in the field of PK-12 Educational Leadership and forward the mission of Educational Leadership in the academy.

What is the process? Member institutions nominate and complete a form and submit the form and student’s biography to UCEA. UCEA will receive and process the form and notify the student of the nomination. UCEA will then match the student with a qualified mentor and inform both the student and mentor of the match.

Can a student outside the scope the PK-12 Educational Leadership field be nominated? The scholar should be a student who plans to pursue an academic career in the field of Educational Leadership or promote the mission of the Educational Leadership field. Any institution who wishes to nominate someone outside the scope of PK-12 Educational Leadership will need to make a case to UCEA to include the nominated student. UCEA reserves the right to consider these on a case-by-case basis.

Can an institution nominate more than one student? Yes.

Is there a maximum number of students who may be nominated? No.

Are students who were previously appointed as a Barbara Jackson Scholar still considered a Barbara Jackson Scholar after the first year? Upon nomination and acceptance of a student as a Barbara Jackson Scholar, the student will retain their status as long as the nominating institution continues to support the student. Once the student graduates, the student is no longer considered a Barbara Jackson Scholar but is encouraged to serve in the Program as mentor.

Who are the mentors? Faculty in Educational Leadership who are interested in serving as mentors. Students may suggest possible mentors from scholars with whom they would like to work. UCEA will make an effort to see if these suggested scholars are willing to serve as mentors.

Why would we want our students involved in the Barbara Jackson Scholars Program? Among other benefits (such as, publishing, teaching, enhancing professional visibility, networking with other professionals, grantsmanship, and general assistance overcoming barriers to career success) the Barbara Jackson scholars will also have access to a strong network of graduate students of color and will be assigned a leading faculty member of national academic repute.