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    The University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) is governed by a representative body from member institutions. UCEA policies are formulated by a nine-member executive committee.

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    The UCEA awards program encourages and recognizes efforts and excellence within the educational leadership community.

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Graduate Student Focus


Jackson Scholars Program Expectations

Students as Barbara Jackson Scholars:
  Participate in the University Council for Educational Administration annual conventions for two years
  Participate in the UCEA-sponsored workshops during the American Educational Research Association’s annual meetings as well as the University Council of Education Administration’s conventions
  Prepare to serve as a mentor for future Barbara Jackson Scholars
  Stay in communication with their assigned mentor
The following resources are available to assist students in meeting Jackson Scholars Program expectations:
Institutions will provide:
  Financial support (e.g., fellowships, scholarships, tuition waivers, etc.)
  Financial support to attend the UCEA Convention and UCEA-sponsored event at AERA
  Opportunities for professional development or leadership roles in the department and college level (e.g., a Dean-sponsored collaboration)
  Research and Teaching Apprenticeships
UCEA will provide:
  A website devoted to scholars’ activities
  Access to position announcements from Holmes Partnership members
  Opportunities to network and meet with other students and professionals at UCEA conventions and UCEA-sponsored events
  Mentor matching
  The opportunity to serve as a Special Student Escort for Keynote speakers during UCEA conventions (during these events students may also have an opportunity to shadow a prominent person within the profession)
Mentors will provide:
  Guidance in professional development
  A model for students to reference when assuming future mentor roles
  Opportunities for networking