2007 Day on the Hill Agenda


The Day on the Hill

UCEA’s Day on the Hill, Wednesday, November 14, 2007, brings together educational leadership faculty and students from across the United States. You will meet your legislators (or members of their staff) face-to-face at the Capitol, and share UCEA’s and the field’s legislative priorities concerning quality leadership preparation, as well as positive stories about your programs’ impact on the quality of leadership preparation.

No background or experience is necessary. The only requirements are that you (1) attend the training workshop, (2) inform legislators about issues important to the leadership preparation field, and (3) participate in a debriefing session.

Members of the “Day on the Hill” committee will make appointments for you and provide the preparatory training. You may or may not be assigned to visit the elected officials who represent your state. The required training will focus on the legislature, an overview of the issues that we will be sharing, as well as tips on how to field tough questions, and hands-on practice drills. We will mail you preliminary briefing materials prior to arriving in D.C. to help set the foundation for the workshop.