Center for Leadership in Law and Education


The Center for Leadership in Law and Education is a multi-disciplinary research and action center focusing on the law impacting the schools via four overlapping goals of studying, educating, disseminating and influencing. We are committed to highlighting and promoting the leadership of education professionals in making, administering and evaluating laws impacting children and schools. We are committed to influencing state and national laws that provide the delivery and assessment framework in which educators pursue the education of all children. We will share our findings at meetings and conferences, publish policy papers, and provide evaluations of the effect of the law on children, school districts and the state. We will conduct impact studies of the law as it is and as it could be–all in an effort to illuminate the legal, ethical and practical implications of these decisions on our educational and legal systems.

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Kevin P. Brady
Associate Professor
University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR 72701