The Center for the Study of Academic Leadership


Collaboratively Drs. Kruse and Gmelch have forged an agenda to address leadership preparation needs and to serve UCEA, its member institutions, and associated faculty and academic leaders. A goal of the Center is to work synergistically with UCEA to provide general support related to academic leadership issues and, in particular, those germane to colleges of education and the field of educational leadership. Over the previous 25 years the Center for the Study of Academic Leadership has written extensively on leadership development conducted professional development seminars for universities, colleges, deans, and department chairs throughout the United States and internationally. The topics have included: Life Cycle and development of deans and department chairs; Chair’s role in helping faculty manage work-life integration; Work-life integration for academic leaders; Chair’s role in recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty; Team development; Campus (college and department) mergers, acquisitions, and consolidations; Effective time and stress management; Managing change and conflict; Strategic leadership and decision making.


Sharon Kruse, Director
Washington State University
College of Education
Vancouver Campus
Vancouver, WA 98686
Phone: 360-546-9670

Walter H. Gmelch, Co-Director
School of Education
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
Phone: 415-233-3611