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The Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership

The Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership (JCEL) publishes in electronic format peer-reviewed cases appropriate for use in programs that prepare educational leaders. Building on a long tradition, the University Council for Education Administration sponsors this journal in an ongoing effort to improve administrative preparation. The journal’s editorial staff seeks a wide range of cases that embody relevant and timely presentations of issues germane to the preparation of educational leaders.

Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership Reviewers of the Year
The JCEL editorial team is pleased to announce that Chris Willis (Bowling Green State University) and Maggie Barber (Independent Consultant) have been selected to receive JCEL’s first Reviewer of the Year Award. The editorial team made the decision to inaugurate this award in order to highlight the important contributions that reviewers provide to JCEL and by extension, the field of educational leadership. The editorial team selected Dr. Willis and Dr. Barber based on the timely completion of reviews, comprehensiveness of their reviews, and the consistently useful and constructive feedback they provided to authors. They will receive the awards at the JCEL editorial board meeting, which is held during the UCEA convention.