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The Journal of Research on Leadership Education 

The Journal of Research on Leadership Education (JRLE), an electronic peer-review journal, seeks to promote and disseminate rigorous scholarship and provide an international venue across multiple disciplines and contexts to inform the field of educational leadership. We strongly encourage submissions such as:

  • Innovative approaches and techniques for leadership preparation pedagogy, programs, and professional development
  • Research on leadership preparation pedagogy, programs, and professional development, including evaluation of impacts and outcomes (e.g., student learning)
  • Thorough and critical reviews that stimulate lively, thoughtful, topical, practical, and controversial discussion
  • Analysis of current policy trends influencing leadership preparation and development (e.g., political and contextual issues that impact leadership education such as state changes in teacher and principal evaluation systems, impact of Common Core Standards on programs, and/or other timely and relevant policy topics)
  • Inclusion of student voice through such mechanisms as the newly formed UCEA Graduate Student Council organization 
  • International and comparative studies of leadership preparation pedagogy, programs, and professional development

JRLE Best Article Award
2015   Chad R. Lochmiller-Indiana University
2013  Philip V. Robey and Scott C. Bauer
Citation:  Robey, P. V., & Bauer, S. C., (2013). Change in university-based programs of Educational Leadership: How responsive have programs been?  Journal of Research on Leadership Education, 8, 261-279, first published on August 6, 2013 doi:10.1177/1942775113498375