The Hanne Mawhinney Distinguished Service Award


On occasion, UCEA’s leadership has found it appropriate to honor UCEA faculty for their outstanding service to the organization and the field. Ensuring the viability of the field and the UCEA consortium depends upon the generous donation of time and expertise like winners of the Hanne Mawhinney Distinguished Service Award. 
  • 2016
    • Pamela D. Tucker, University of Virginia
  •  2015
    • Liz Hollingworth, University of Iowa
    • Michele Acker-Hocevar, Washington State Univeristy-Spokane
    • Gail C. Furman, Washington State Univeristy-Spokane
    • Patricia F. First, Clemson University
  • 2014
    • Julian Vasquez Heilig-California State University Sacramento
  • 2013
    • Bruce Barnett- University of Texas at San Antonio
    • Cristobal Rodriguez- Howard University
  • 2012
    • Linda Skrla- University of the Pacific
    • Scott McLeod- University of Kentucky
  • 2011
    • Gerardo Lopez-Univeristy of Utah 
    • Hanne Mawhinney- University of Maryland
    • Edith Rusch-University of Nevada–Las Vegas. 
  • 2010
    • Diana G. Pounder- University of Central Arkansas