The Edwin M. Bridges Award


The Edwin M. Bridges Award

This award recognizes contributions to pre-service preparation as well as continuing professional development aimed at school leaders. The source of the contribution can be in universities or in the field and the extent to which the quality and originality of the effort suggests the potential to create a lasting impact on research and/or practice in this domain.

Contributions will be judged on the extent to which the quality and originality of the effort suggest the potential to create a lasting impact on research and/or practice in this domain. As appropriate to the form of the contribution, UCEA will assist in its publication and/or other forms of dissemination to the profession.

Nominations are welcome from faculty member(s) of UCEA member institutions and partner institutions. Nominations should include electronic copies of the following:

  • the candidate’s curriculum vitae;
  • a letter addressing the contributions of the nominee relative to one or more of the selection criteria;
  • support letters from individuals who have been directly mentored by the nominee, and/or individuals who can attest to the nominee’s mentoring strengths, are strongly encouraged.

A UCEA committee appointed by the Executive Director will review and evaluate the nominees. This committee will reserve the right to present this award to multiple candidates on any given year, or conversely, not to present this award should nominees not fully meet the selection criteria.

The deadline for nominations has been updated to Friday, July 9, 2021. Please email electronic copies of all nomination materials to ucea.org@gmail.com with the title of the award in the subject line.

The Edwin M. Bridges Award is given by UCEA annually for original, outstanding work in the area of research and/or development that contributes to our knowledge and understanding of how best to prepare and support future generations of educational leaders.

Contributions can be in any of several forms including the design and evaluation of an innovative approach to leadership preparation, development of a research-based tool for use in leadership education, a conceptual or empirical research paper (i.e., publication or dissertation) that illuminates important issues, or a long-term, high impact program of research and development in this area.


Edwin M. Bridges

The Edwin M. Bridges Award Recipients

2020 No award given
2019 No award given
2018 Michelle D. Young, University of Virginia
2017 Linda Skrla, University of the Pacific



Ellen Goldring, Vanderbilt University

Diana G. Pounder, University of Utah



Margaret Terry Orr, Bank Street College of Education

Allan Walker-Hong Kong Institute of Education

2014 Joseph F. Murphy, Vanderbilt University
2013 Perry Zirkel, Lehigh University
2012 N/A
2011 Martha McCarthy, Indiana University at Bloomington

Edwin M. Bridges, Stanford University