The Jay D. Scribner Mentoring Award


The Jay D. Scribner Mentoring Award honors Educational Leadership faculty who have made a substantive contribution to the field by mentoring the next generation of students into roles as university research professors, while also recognizing the important role(s) mentors play in supporting and advising junior faculty. This award is named after Jay D. Scribner whose prolific career spans over four decades and who has mentored a host of doctoral students into the profession while advising and supporting countless junior professors throughout this same time. Of particular note, is Jay D. Scribner’s unique ability to reach across racial, class, and gender differences in his mentorship-nurturing scholars from under-represented backgrounds into a profession largely homogeneous in composition.

Jay D. Scribner

Faculty from UCEA member institutions are eligible for this award, including faculty belonging to partner member institutions. The proposed criteria for selecting recipients for this award include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • mentoring and socializing doctoral students, particularly for future roles as university professors
  • introducing students, especially from under-represented groups, to the broader network of scholars at UCEA and beyond
  • mentoring, advising, and supporting junior professors in their trajectory toward tenure
  • providing guidance, support, advice, friendship, reinforcement, encouragement, and/or constructive examples to others, which has had a positive impact on their understanding of academia writ large

Nominations are welcome from faculty member(s) of UCEA member institutions and partner institutions. Nominations should include electronic copies of the following:

  • the candidate’s curriculum vitae;
  • a letter addressing the contributions of the nominee relative to one or more of the selection criteria;
  • support letters from individuals who have been directly mentored by the nominee, and/or individuals who can attest to the nominee’s mentoring strengths, are strongly encouraged.

A UCEA committee appointed by the Executive Director will review and evaluate the nominees. This committee will reserve the right to present this award to multiple candidates on any given year, or conversely, not to present this award should nominees not fully meet the selection criteria. 

The deadline for nominations has been updated to Wednesday, July 1, 2020. Please email electronic copies of all nomination materials to ucea.org@gmail.com with the title of the award in the subject line.

The Jay D. Scribner Mentoring Award Recipients

2019  Allison Borden, University of New Mexico 
2018  Encarnación Garza, University of Texas at San Antonio
2017  Mark A. Gooden, Teachers College
2016  Carol A. Mullen, Virginia Tech
2015  Betty Malen, University of Maryland
2014  Catherine A. Lugg, Rutgers University
2013  Ed Fuller, Penn State University
2012  James Joseph Scheurich, Texas A & M University
2011  Fran Kochan, Auburn University
2010  Martha N. Ovando, University of Texas at Austin
2009  Paul Bredeson, University of Wisconsin-Madison
 Linda C. Tillman, University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill
2008  Bruce Cooper, Fordham University
2007  Leonard Burrello, Indiana University
2006  Jay D. Scribner, University of Texas at Austin